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Spectre 9742 - Spectre Air Intake Couplers/Reducers

Spectre 9742 - Spectre Air Intake Couplers/Reducers


Tube Reducer - PVC
  • 4" to 3.5"
  • Includes Hose Clamps
  • Red
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    Spectre 9742 - Spectre Air Intake Couplers/Reducers Details

    PVC Reducers

  • Allows Combination To Fit Specific Applications
  • Have The Freedom To Create Any Intake

  • Spectre air intake couplers and reducers come in variety of shapes and sizes as well as three different materials.

    The EPDM is a soft and flexible rubber while the PVC material is rigid and not flexible at all. These two types of material are great for typical cold-air intake setups and stock systems, however they are not recommended for forced induction systems such as superchargers or turbochargers.

    The Silicone material is manufactured using high quality silicone with a 3-layer polyester reinforcement. Silicone Couplers/Reducers are designed for temperatures up to 385°F. These couplers & Reducers ARE recommended for use with forced induction systems.

    Spectre 865-9742

    Leg/Straight Length
    Bend Angle
    4 in. I.D.
    Center Line Radius
    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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