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Spicer 5-811X - Spicer Life Series U-Joints, Packs, Grease & Hardware

Spicer 5-811X - Spicer Life Series U-Joints, Packs, Grease & Hardware


Spicer Life Series U-Joint Kit
  • Detroit 7290 Series
  • Cap OD: 1.125"/1.125"
  • Length: 2.625"/2.625"
  • Style: Inside Snap Rings
  • Non-Greasable
    • Fits Applications:
    • 1968-1978
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    Spicer 5-811X - Spicer Life Series U-Joints, Packs, Grease & Hardware

    Premium Spicer Life Series® u-joints excel in performance and life. The journal crosses are cold-formed from high quality steel for maximum strength. Non-Greasable u-joints have Ample grease reservoirs in each trunion to assure effective lubrication and are pre-filled with high quality synthetic lithium grease providing superior friction reduction and higher temperature resistance. Spicer Life Series® u-joints use our highest quality, triple-lip seal along with an external seal guard to resist the harshest conditions. So when you replace your car or truck universal joints with genuine Spicer technology, you can rest assured that you are helping to ensure the maximum life for your vehicle.

    Choose from Greasable or Non-Greasable u-joints. Non-Greasable u-joints are stronger than greasable units since they don't have any grease passages in them.

    Premium Performance U-Joint Packs include all of the Spicer Life Series® non-greaseable u-joints for your four-wheel drive truck or Jeep. These u-joint packs are an ideal spare part for use on the trail, so you can make repairs when needed.

    Spicer Ultra-Premium Synthetic Grease is specially designed for Spicer U-Joints but is also suitable for all driveline components.

    Replacement U-bolts and straps are also available.

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