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Steeda 555-4005 - Steeda Motor Mounts


Steeda Heavy Duty Race Engine Mounts
  • 2005-2014 Mustang GT

    Steeda 555-4005 - Steeda Motor Mounts Details

    The weakest link in your drivetrain may be the hydra-mounts used for mounting the engine. While they get the damping job done, they can be prone to fatigue and/or leaking under hard usage. These direct replacements eliminate the hydra-coupling, and do a better job of directing your engine's efforts to the wheels. Supplied with with two sets of bushings with different durometer ratings, making it a very versatile kit.

    Steeda 555-4005 - Steeda Motor Mounts

    The Ford factory engine mounts were designed as soft, flexible mounts to provide a comfortable drive. The tradeoff is the relatively large amount of engine movement it allowed under torque load and on hard acceleration. Engine movement decreases stability under high performance driving conditions and during rapid gear selection.

    To reduce this movement, Steeda has engineered replacements fitted with specially molded, high-durometer polyurethane inserts. The mount bodies are machined from light weight, aircraft-grade billet aluminum, almost twice as strong than the OE cast material. Installation is straightforward - simply remove the factory pieces and replace with these billet beauties. You'll enjoy greater stability when accelerating and braking hard, and enhanced gear changes under hard acceleration.

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