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TCI 211000K - TCI StreetFighter Transmissions

easy kits TCI 211000K - TCI StreetFighter Transmissions

JEGS Part Number: 890-211000K

Chevy TH400 StreetFighter Kit
  • Chevy StreetFighter Transmission
  • Streetfighter Torque Converter
  • Trans. Fluid (12 Qts)
  • Trans. Dipstick
  • Trans. Cooler
  • Automatic Trans.-to-Block Bolt Set
  • Torque Converter Bolts
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    TCI 211000K - TCI StreetFighter Transmissions Details


    This Kit Includes:
  • Chevy StreetFighter Transmission: 890-211000
  • Streetfighter Torque Converter: 890-242100
  • Jegs Quick Shift Automatic Transmission Fluid (12 Quarts): 555-28070
  • Proform Transmission Dipstick: 778-66118
  • Jegs Transmission Cooler: 555-60370
  • Jegs Automatic Transmission-to-Block Bolt Set: 555-82510
  • Jegs Torque Converter Bolts: 555-82501

  • The Choice on the Street is TCI Transmissions!
    TCI Transmissions are ideal for vehicles powered by engines producing up to 525 horsepower without superchargers. Equipped with a TCI manual/automatic valve body, the StreetFighter Transmission allows you to shift manually into each gear or to remain fully automatic by placing it in Drive. The valve body, however, permits downshifting if the engine speed is lowered to the low gear operating range. To function properly, all throttle linkage, vacuum lines, and kickdown components must be connected. Trust TCI for dependable performance day after day, race after race.

  • TCI high-gear clutches and bands
  • Special heat-treated sprag and sprag races
  • Painted transmission pan
  • Retains stock shift pattern
  • Increased thrust capacity
  • More torque capacity with less slippage
  • Improved lubrication system
  • TCI factory blueprinted, inspected, and dyno tested

    TCI Transmission Notes
  • Speedometer drive gear and driven gear not included.
  • Ford transmissions with an asterisk (*) below do not include bellhousings.
  • GM Overdrive Transmissions were developed as complete packages for lock-up transmission applications that emphasize overall reliability and performance with modified valve body and improved shifting. The standard clutch was replaced with a higher load capacity unit, and clutches were added to the 3-4 pack.

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  • TCI 890-211000K

    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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