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Wilwood 15Q-6824K - Wilwood Polymatrix ''Q'' Compound Brake Pads

Wilwood 15Q-6824K - Wilwood Polymatrix ''Q'' Compound Brake Pads
Wilwood 15Q-6824K - Wilwood Polymatrix ''Q'' Compound Brake Pads

JEGS Part Number: 950-15Q-6824K

''Q''-Compound Brake Pads for Wilwood DL, Aerospace, Lamb, Outlaw, Sierra / JFZ, US Brake, .49'' Thick

Wilwood Polymatrix ''Q'' Compound Brake Pads

PolyMatrix ''Q'' is a ceramic enhanced formula developed for ultra quiet performance for custom street and hot rod applications. This revolutionary new friction material has improved stopping power over all types of OE pads, with quieter stopping and lower dust than any non-asbestos, organic or metallic based compounds. The ''Q'' compound has smooth engagement, long service life, quick recovery, and high fade resistance. PolyMatrix ''Q'' is available in the common pad shapes used in most after market performance calipers and several popular OE models. The patented Nucap Retention System is employed to retain the friction material onto the steel backing plates. NRS has been proven to provide the strongest method of retaining the friction material on the backing plate. There are no bonding adhesives to break down in high heat conditions and no rivets to loosen after repeated high torque stops. In addition, this 100% retention method eliminates any possibility of high frequency vibration. PolyMatrix racing pads feature this unique retention system that guarantees exceptional durability with quiet operation.

Wilwood Brake Pad
Selection/Application Guide

Wilwood 15Q-6824K

Hardware Included
Brake Pad Construction
Integrally molded without shims
Brake Pad Material
Electronic Wear Sensor
For Use with Cross-Drilled Rotors
For Use with Slotted Rotors
For Use with Stock Calipers
For Use with Stock Rotors
Friction Material Type
Kelsey-Hayes Pro series semi-metallic
Intended for Street Use
Sold as a set
Manufacturer's Part Number:
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