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ZEX Nitrous 823901B - ZEX Blackout Nitrous Kits

ZEX Nitrous 823901B - ZEX Blackout Nitrous Kits
ZEX Nitrous 823901B - ZEX Blackout Nitrous Kits

JEGS Part Number: 243-823901B

Blackout Nitrous Kit Without Bottle
  • 2011-2013 Mustang GT 5.0L
  • 75-175 HP

    ZEX Nitrous 823901B Details


    This Blackout system with no bottle is specifically tailored to the Mustang's new 5.0L V8 engine. ZEX engineers not only tuned the kit to add 75-175 additional horsepower, but also made the installation easy and ensured engine safety at the same time. For a complete kit with Blackout style bottle, see the Mustang GT Nitrous Blackout Nitrous System.

    Adjustable from 75-175 additional HP
    Active Fuel Control adjusts fuel delivery with changes in nitrous bottle pressure
    Throttle-by-wire TPS switch activates nitrous at wide open throttle .

    ZEX Blackout Nitrous Kits

    All-black powdercoated bottle, plate, fittings & carbon fiber-like hose deliver unprecedented looks and power potential

    And now for something completely different from the engineers at ZEX, new Blackout Nitrous Kits. No longer are you forced to use the standard purple components to achieve the powerful performance generated by ZEX nitrous systems. Blackout Nitrous Systems provide all the power and ease-of-use ZEX fans have come to know in the most technically-advanced performance nitrous you can buy.

    Available in a wide assortment of styles for carbureted and fuel injected applications, the ZEX Blackout Nitrous System incorporates a sophisticated electronic throttle-by-wire compatible TPS switch for use on late model vehicles. The patented ZEX Active Fuel Control adjusts the system's fuel enrichment according to bottle pressure so your vehicle never runs too rich or too lean. You can tune to the power level you desire. Each kit is complete and ready to install, including tuning jets, fuel tap fittings, solenoids, filter, and all necessary activation electronics.

    ZEX currently offers a Blackout version of their following systems: Square Flange and Dominator Perimeter Plate and Race Perimeter Plate (10 lb bottle size only), GM LSX, Ford Mustang GT, and 4 or 6-Cylinder EFI Wet Nitrous Kits.

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    ZEX Nitrous 823901B

    Without Bottle
    Ford 5.0L
    Manufacturer's Part Number:
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