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Accel Dodge Magnum Super Coil Ignition Coil for 1990-97 Dodge Truck & Jeep

Accel Dodge Magnum Super Coil Ignition Coil for 1990-97 Dodge Truck & Jeep

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34% More Energy, 23% More Spark Duration!

Accel 1990-97 Dodge Super Coils are engineered with optimized low resistance, high turns ratio windings around an M36 high silicone magnetic steel C-core for higher energy and voltage outputs. Results in quicker starts, improved idle quality, crisper throttle response and more high RPM power. Compatible with late model Chrysler J-TEC computer controlled ignition system and Mopar high performance ignition computers. This is a direct bolt-in, plug-in replacement ignition coil. Can also work with an Accel, Mallory, Crane, Holley or MSD capacitive discharge ignition ststem. Special high temperature epoxy resists shock and vibration, while increasing thermal conductivity. Brass coil wire contact increases energy efficiency and resists corrosion better than aluminum. High dielectric strength ''Accel Yellow'' over-molded housing.

  • Primary Resistance: 1.0 Ohms
  • Secondary Resistance: 12.7 k Ohms
  • Turns Ratio: 76 : 1
  • Maximum Voltage: 42,000 volts
  • Peak Increase in Energy vs. OE: 34%
  • Peak Increase in Current vs. OE: 17%
  • Peak Increase in Arc Duration vs. OE: 23%
  • Peak Increase in Dwell vs. OE: 36%

    Magnum Super Coil Adapter Harness for 1998-2002 Trucks/Jeep
    This harness, sold separately, allows you to directly plug-in Accel Super Coil p/n 110-140021 into a 1998 or newer Dodge Truck/Jeep equipped with the new light grey Yazaki wiring harness coil connector. No cutting or splicing required.

  • 2 Products

    Magnum Super Coil

    Magnum Super Coil
  • 1990-97 Dodge Magnum Truck/Jeep
  • Will Fit 1998-02 W/Adapter Harness -
    110-140021AH (Sold Separately)
  • 42,000 Volts
  • Direct Replacement
  • $51.99

    Magnum Super Coil Adapter Harness

    Magnum Super Coil Adapter Harness
  • 1998-02 Dodge/Jeep V8
  • $24.99

    2 Products