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Aeromotive Stackable Fuel Pressure Regulators

Aeromotive Stackable Fuel Pressure Regulators

Aeromotive's stackable fuel pressure regulators is ideal for carbureted, nitrous engines, these regulators allow you to "stack" them together to control multiple pressures with a single fuel pump. The "Stackable Regulator" is a clean, lightweight solution, ideal for nitrous engine combinations where unique pressures are desired.

No longer will sportsman and professional racers have to screw together unsightly brass T's and pipe fittings to create a so-called "fuel log". The Aeromotive Stackable Regulator solution creates its own integrated fuel log, by utilizing a patent pending flow-through designed modular regulator body. Using a positive O-ring seal, simply bolt as many of these regulators together as needed using the provided cap screws and O-rings. Each billet aluminum, CNC-machined regulator is adjustable from 5-12 psi and is equipped with O-ring and O-ring boss (ORB)-Ports including; -10AN O-ring (flow-through) ports and (2) -6AN O-ring outlet ports.

Capable of feeding single or dual carburetors and 1, 2, 3 and 4 or more stages of nitrous, all with total control of unique fuel pressures at every distribution point. For the ultimate nitrous fuel system, it's easy to combine Aeromotive's Pro-Stock 2 or 4-port regulators with the new Stackable Regulators, where all flow and pressure control is consolidated for a much cleaner, lighter package. Screw the combined Stackable Regulators to the inlet of an Aeromotive Carbureted Fuel Pressure Regulator, either dead-head or bypass style and control your carburetor system pressure separate from each stage of nitrous.

Features & Benefits:

  • Adjustable from 5-12 PSI.
  • ORB-10 inlet and outlet flow-through ports (flange stackable)
  • ORB-06 outlet ports.
  • Includes (2) O-rings, (2) 12-point cap screws
  • Serviceable in the field without removing from the car
  • Sold Individually

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    Aeromotive 13217 - Aeromotive Stackable Fuel Pressure Regulators
    Stackable Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Adjustable from 5-12 PSI
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