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Alston Performance Electronics Power Drag Racing Kit

Alston Race Cars
Alston Performance Electronics Power Drag Racing Kit

The Alston Performance Electronics Power Drag Racing kit is a simple, modular wiring system designed for all classes of drag racing. It gives the builder all of the components necessary to power the electrical systems in a drag car. Using OEM multiplexing technology, The Alston Kit provides a rugged, proven electrical system that eliminates wires on the chassis, reduces the time required to wire the car, adds functions unavailable in traditional wiring harnesses and offers power diagnostics to help identify and fix electrical problems quickly.

Utilizing an exclusive multiplexed switch panel, the Alston Drag Racing kit reduces the entire switch wiring to two conductors. This dramatically reduces the size and weight of the electrical harness in the vehicle. Plus, the multiplexed architecture means that you put the powercell where you need it in the car, reducing the size and weight of the power harness.

Depending on your car and your application, additional powercells can be added to control other electrical functions, including Nitrous Oxide. All of the modules are completely plug-and-play and can be added to the car when you need them.

Built for hardcore race duty, this system is designed for harsh-duty and off-highway applications. The Electronics Power Drag Racing kit uses the exact same components as systems used in first-responder vehicles, utility trucks and military vehicles. The entire system has been tested to survive vibration, mechanical shock, temperature extremes and harsh chemical exposure.

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Power Drag Racing Kit
  • Modular Wiring System
  • Uses Advanced Multiplexing Technology
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