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B&M Hammer Shifters

B&M Hammer Shifters

The B&M Hammer Shifter may just be the most comfortably operated automatic shifter you can buy. Grab the handle of a B&M shifter and it feels like it was molded to your hand. The unique design easily fits small to large hands and provides the appropriate wrist angle. The multi-position trigger is spoon-shaped for easy finger operation in a multitude of grip positions. The result is a shifter which is perfect for all new generation vehicles and street rods where style is not just form, but function. Get your hands on a Hammer!

Key Features:
  • Unique multi-positioned trigger for user comfort in various shifter positions.
  • Base can be trimmed to custom fit any floor.
  • Reverse lockout feature meets NHRA and IHRA requirements.
  • Includes neutral safety switch, backup light switch, lighted gear indicator & polished aluminum T-Handle & cable.
  • Can be used with a reverse pattern valve body.

    Console Hammer for Ford Mustangs
    The Hammer has been designed to fit the stock factory full console for 1987-04 Mustangs with the AOD & AODE transmission. It has all the same great features as the universal model.

    B&M Shifter Installation Note: B&M AOD shifters except console models require Installation Kit #130-40496

    JEGS EZ Complete Kits are designed by JEGS professionals so you get all the parts you need.

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    Hammer Shifters

    Hammer Shifter
  • GM TH-400, 350, 250, 200, 700R4 & 200-R4
  • Ford C4, C6, AOD (Requires Install Kit)
  • Chrysler '66 and later TF A727 & A904
  • $205.86

    Hammer Shifter & Ford AOD Kit
  • Includes Necessary Kit for Ford AOD Transmission.
  • Easy Kits

    Console Hammer Shifter
  • Ford Mustang

  • 130-81002
    Console Hammer Shifter
  • 1987-93 Mustang with AOD
  • $178.84

    Console Hammer Shifter
  • 1994-04 Mustang with AODE
  • $248.69

    Mustang Console C4 Conversion Kit

    Mustang Console C4 Conversion Kit

    Replacement Covers

    Replacement Cover
  • Hammer Shifters
  • 130-80885 & 130-81001
  • $44.71

    6 Products