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Caspers Electronics Manual Coolant Fan Controller

Caspers Electronics
Caspers Electronics Manual Coolant Fan Controller

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This ''Plug-And-Play'' module is designed to allow the driver of the vehicle to manually override the factory coolant fan control using a miniature 3-way toggle switch. Use of this control permits manual high and low fan control resulting in a cooler operating engine. Cooler engine operation equates to more power and less heat-soak for maximum performance.

The module attached to the wiring bulkhead on the passenger side fender well. Be sure to attach grounding ring to frame bolt on the inner fender strut near the module location. Control switch can be conveniently mounted in the passenger compartment for instant high and low control of the coolant fan. Switch requires 1/4'' mounting holes and must be fed through the firewall via detachable harness. Alternate installation can be achieved by routing wiring harness through door the door jam into passenger compartment center switch position is ''Normal''. notched position is ''High'' and switch opposite of high speed is ''low'' speed override.

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Manual Coolant Fan Controller
  • GM Corvette
  • 2005-2013
  • C6 Corvette, Z06, ZR1
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    Manual Coolant Fan Controller
  • GM F-Body
  • 1993-2002
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