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Champion Platinum Spark Plugs

Champion Spark Plugs
Champion Platinum Spark Plugs

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Champion Platinum Power spark plugs use a platinum pad welded to a nickel alloy center electrode for long life. Platinum has extremely good wear characteristics and can reduce gap growth. Champion Platinum Power spark plugs use a thin-wire center electrode with their exclusive Heat-Active alloy to reach operating temperatures quickly and maintain stable temperatures under varying engine loads. Because the plugs maintain the proper gap, the voltage needed to fire them remains consistent, reducing the chance of misfire. Get rid of those old spark plugs and try these Champion Platinum Power spark plugs for increased efficiency and reliability.

Note: Platinum plugs not suggested for use on vehicles with nitrous injection

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Champion Spark Plugs 3405 - Champion Platinum Spark Plugs
Platinum Spark Plug - 3405
  • 14mm Thread, 13/16'' Hex
  • 19mm (.750'') Reach
  • Gasket Seat, Projected Tip
  • $2.17
    Order Today Ships 05/31/16

    1 Product