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Chevrolet Performance Big Block Chevy DRCE Engine Blocks

Chevrolet Performance
Chevrolet Performance Big Block Chevy DRCE Engine Blocks

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Chevrolet Performance DRCE (Drag Racing Competition Engine) Big Blocks are the foundation of many of the most powerful Pro Stock Drag Racing engines. Developed specifically with 500-cubic-inch Pro Stock engines in mind, the DRCE family of engine blocks is the latest evolution of Pro Stock engine design. In order to build optimum performance, DRCE blocks have bore spacing that allows for the preferred big bore/short stroke crankshaft combination. The camshaft has been raised & the distributor moved. The big bore design unshrouds the heads, which means bigger valves can be used. The result is maximized air/fuel mixtures. DRCE blocks are solid without lifter or head bolt holes so any GM big block cylinder heads may be used, and blocks are gray iron or compacted graphite (an extremely strong material that helps combat bore distortion & crank deflection under stress).

  • CNC-machined to +/- 0.001'' tolerances
  • Siamese cylinder bores with 4.900'' spacing
  • No lifter bosses (solid bar can be drilled as required)
  • No head bolt holes
  • Numbers two and four main bearing bulkheads moved 0.060''
  • Bellhousing bolt pattern accommodates Chevy, Pontiac, and Oldsmobile transmissions
  • Uses big block Chevrolet crank, camshaft, balancer, flywheel, and water pump
  • Requires camshaft with distributor gear behind rear bearing
  • Priority main oiling dry sump system
  • Dual starter mounting locations
  • Front engine mounts only
  • Each block is supplied with sonic test data sheet

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    DRCE 2 Gray Iron Engine Block

    DRCE 2 Engine Block
  • Gray Iron 4-Bolt Block
  • 9.525'' Deck Height
  • Camshaft Raised to 5.750''
  • 4.500'' Semi-Finished Bore (4.700'' max bore)
  • 16° Splayed 4-Bolt Steel Main Center Caps
  • .400'' Spread Oil Pan Rails Per Side
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    DRCE 3 Compacted Graphite Engine Block
    Compacted graphite is an extremely high strength material that helps the block combat bore distortion and crank deflection under heavy loads - like making 1,400-plus horsepower at 10,000 rpm!

    DRCE 3 Engine Block
  • Compacted Graphite 4-Bolt Block
  • 9.250'' Deck Height
  • Camshaft Raised to 7.067''
  • 4.590'' Semi-Finished Bore (4.700'' max bore)
  • 22° Splayed 4-Bolt Steel Main Center Caps
  • Oil Pan Rails Spread to 12''
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    2 Products