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Chevrolet Performance L76/L92 Aluminum Cylinder Head

Chevrolet Performance
Chevrolet Performance L76/L92 Aluminum Cylinder Head

The Chevrolet Performance L76/L92 Aluminum Cylinder Head is designed to fit any LS family engine with a four inch or larger bore. The LS-Series family of engines has continued Chevrolet Performance's tradition of raising the power potential of the legendary small-block V-8. The great cylinder head airflow potential has been a key factor in the performance of these engines. This aluminum production style head is no exception with great out-of-box flow potential and is a true bolt-on replacement or performance upgrade!

  • Manufactured from 319-T5 aluminum alloy
  • 2.165" solid stem intake valves
  • 1.590" solid stem exhaust valves
  • 15 degree valve angle
  • .510" max valve lift
  • As-cast 260cc L92 style intake ports
  • D-shaped exhaust ports
  • As-cast 70cc combustion chambers
  • 14mm, 5/8" hex, 3/4" reach, taper-seat Angled spark plug
  • Bolt-down-type rocker arms
  • Center-bolt valve cover hold-downs
  • Fits any LS family engine with 4.000" bore or larger

    L76/L92 Cylinder Head Flow Chart
    Valve Lift Intake Flow Exhaust Flow

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    L76/L92 Aluminum Cylinder Head

    LS-Series L76/L92 Cylinder Head
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