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Chevrolet Performance LS3 LS376/525 Engine Controller Kit

Chevrolet Performance
Chevrolet Performance LS3 LS376/525 Engine Controller Kit

This calibrated controller kit from Chevrolet Performance enables quicker and easier adaptation of the Chevrolet Performance LS3 LS376/525 Crate Engine for countless hot rod projects. It is specially programmed for retrofit installations, with features that make getting the vehicle running easier than if a production controller were used. The kit also includes hardware and components that does not typically come with a used or salvage yard engine, such as the wiring harness, mass airflow meter and electronic throttle pedal assembly, eliminating the need to source them separately! This controller system is a true stand-alone system for use in older vehicles, as all that's needed to get a vehicle running with it are power and ground sources, a 58-psi (400 kPa) fuel pump and an electric cooling fan.

  • Two oxygen sensors
  • Two oxygen sensor mounting bosses(for installation in the exhaust system)
  • Mass airflow meter
  • Mass airflow meter mounting boss(for installation in the air intake system
  • Throttle pedal assembly (for use with the electronically operated throttle)
  • Engine wiring harness
  • Programmed controller
  • Instruction sheet
  • 12-month/12,000-mile warranty

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    Chevrolet Performance Engine Controller Kit
  • LS3 LS376CI/525HP Engine
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    LS376/525 Engine Individual Controller Only
  • Included in Engine Controller Kit p/n 809-19259261
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    Electronic Accelerator Pedal Assembly
    MAP Sensor Jumper
  • Fits LS3, LS376/480, LS376/525 Engine Controller Kits
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    4 Products