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Chevrolet Performance LSX-L92 Small Bore Cylinder Head

Chevrolet Performance
Chevrolet Performance LSX-L92 Small Bore Cylinder Head

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Extending the performance range of the LSX platform are Chevrolet Performance's new, 6-bolt LSX cylinder heads. Many are capable of flowing more than 400 cfm and their 6-bolts-per-cylinder clamping design gives them bomb-proof strength. Your horsepower-building potential is nearly unlimited with LSX heads. These aluminum masterpieces of performance feature port and chamber designs based on popular and performance-proven production-style heads, such as the LS3/L92 and LS7 heads. They are easily identified by the engraved LSX logo on the ends.
All LSX heads are made of 356-T6 aluminum and feature a 5/8'' thick deck that allows plenty of room for builder-specified combinations.

Additional features include:
  • Uses 11mm (10) and 8mm (13) head bolts
  • Accommodates production valvetrain components (except for Drag Race and Circle Track heads)
  • Includes premium beehive-type valve springs (except for Drag Race and Circle Track heads)
  • Extra material cast in the port areas to accommodate professional porting
  • Valve guides for 8mm valve stems, except DR & CT Racing-specific LSX-DR (Drag Racing) and LSX-CT (Circle-Track) heads feature raised runner designs and other unique features designed to maximize performance at the track.

    LSX Street Heads
    Four LSX street head configurations are offered: The LSX-LS7 head, the LSX-LS3 head, the LSX-LS9 head and the LSX-L92 Small Bore head. The LSX-L92 head features smaller combustion chambers that are compatible with smaller bore LS1 and LS6 engines. The street heads accommodate valve springs with up to 1.37'' diameter bases, but can be machined for larger springs.

    LSX-L92 Small Bore Cylinder Head
  • LS3/L92 Port Configuration
  • ''As cast'' runners and combustion chamber
  • 15? valve angle
  • Assembled with 2.00'' intake and 1.55'' exhaust valves
  • 250cc intake port and 80cc exhaust port
  • 70cc combustion chamber
  • Intake flow - 280 cfm @ .600'' lift / Exhaust flow - 180 cfm @ .700'' lift
  • Beehive valve springs
  • Uses LS3/L92 style rocker arms (offset)
  • 3.890'' minimum bore size
  • Uses LS3/L92 style intake manifold

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    Chevrolet Performance 19201807 - Chevrolet Performance LSX-L92 Small Bore Cylinder Head
    LSX-L92 Small Bore Cylinder Head
  • 250cc Intake Port / 80cc Exhaust Port
  • 70cc Combustion Chamber
  • 2.00'' Intake Valve / 1.55'' Exhaust Valve
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    Cylinder Head Dowel Pin

    Chevrolet Performance 12570326 - Chevrolet Performance LSX-L92 Small Bore Cylinder Head
    Cylinder Head Dowel Pin
  • Small Block Chevy LS Engine
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