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Classic Design Concepts Windstops and Light Bars

Classic Design Concepts
Classic Design Concepts Windstops and Light Bars

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Although cruising in a Mustang convertible is always an enjoyable activity, the excessive wind noise at even low speeds can put a damper on your fun if you're trying to listen to music, talk on your phone, or have a conversation with a passenger. Combined with the great styling of the Classic Light Bar, the CDC Windstop is the perfect component for those who enjoy a comfortable ride in their Mustang convertibles.

The Windstop is designed to match the curves of the Light Bar for a flawless appearance while greatly reducing wind noise and turbulence.
Windstops are made of a single piece (no obstructions) mesh fabric in an aluminum frame; the mesh itself reduces turbulence, dramatically cutting noise level by 50%.
The windstop extends your convertible driving season as heating becomes more intensified and is maintained within the driving compartment.

The CDC Classic Light Bar

  • The factory top effortlessly fits over the light bar and the Classic Light Bar does not interfere with any original factory functions.
  • The bar is supplied with brackets that are mounted to the B pillars which receive the Light Bar, creating a sturdy mount while stiffening the body. Within a couple hours your Mustang will be ready for the next convertible day.

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