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Computech Electronic Log Book

Computech Systems
Computech Electronic Log Book

The Computech Systems RaceBase Drag Electronic Log Book Software is a simple to use yet powerful logbook program that will help you store and search for info about events, runs, cars, tracks, expenses and the weather. This program will also calculate weather conditions automatically using temperature, humidity and air pressure! If you need all of these features and want more the RaceBase Drag Pro also gives you elapsed time, throttle stop and tune-up predictions using your saved data and weather information!

  • Easy ET Slip Input
  • Weather Value Calculations
    - Temp, Humidity, Barometric Pressure
    - Correction Factor
    - Air Density Ratio
    - Vapor Pressure
    - Dry Barometer
    - Dew Point
    - Wet Bulb Temp
  • Organize By Track And Event
  • Unlimited Number of Cars
  • Expenses Logging
  • Maintenance Monitoring and Reminders
  • Easily Search For Similar Runs Based On Any Condition

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