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Crane Cams Rocker Arm Pedestal Shim Kit

Crane Cams
Crane Cams Rocker Arm Pedestal Shim Kit

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This Crane Cams Rocker Arm Pedestal Shim Kit is for use on Ford engines utilizing non-adjustable pedestal mounted rocker arms. The hydraulic lifters in these engines may have excessive preload due to a camshaft change, valve job, head resurfacing, etc. To cure this problem without resorting to different pushrods, this pedestal shim kit contains two different thickness shims. These shims are placed between the rocker arm pedestal and the cylinder head, and reduces the preload by approximately .030", .060", or .090". Fits Ford V8, 255-302, 302 H.O., 351W, 351C, 351M, 400, and 370-460 engines.

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Ford Pedestal Shim Kit

Pedestal Shim Kit
  • Ford V8 - Except FE
  • .030"/.060"/.090" Thickness
  • Set of 32
  • $11.60


    Rocker Arm Pedestals
  • Ford 221-351W
  • 5/16" Bolt
  • Set of 16
  • $20.00

    2 Products