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Crew Chief Pro 7.50 Drag Racing Software

Crew Chief Pro Software
Crew Chief Pro 7.50 Drag Racing Software

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Updated from 7.1 to 7.5 with NEW features to help you go rounds easier, this race season!

With 6 years of intensive work and over 9,000 hours of design and development has produced the most amazing software in Drag Racing's history. No expense was spared in the development of this software. Software Engineers, Math Professors, and other Consultants, were hired to make sure this program would be unsurpassed in every aspect. You will simply be stunned by the ease of use, scientific prediction power, fantastic graphics, and flexibility of Pro 7.50. Crew Chief Pro 7.50 runs perfectly on Microsoft 7, VISTA, XP, 2000 and Windows 8.

With the new Pro 7.50 version you will have prediction rules setup so you can decide how aggressive certain weather changes will be dealt with. 7.50 has a more robust database engine that will eventually lead to Rules implimentations. Rules could be something like Do Not Factor Humidity or Dew Point below a certain Level. Then between level ''A'' and level ''B'' it should be this much effect. Then between level ''C'' and level ''D'' we want a more aggressive adjustment. They also added a separate page for Carburetors, Fuel Injection, Turbocharged and Fuel Injected, and Super Charged setups. 7.50 has a more robust data entry capacity.

Changes to the logic to stop runs that are started but never finished into the Prediction program. This will stop a dead run from confusing the software. Further changes were made to the LIVE TIMING section so now when you select a Date just the classes that ran that day will show. This also means that just the racers names will appear that ran that day also. Further refined the sorting order capabilities. We also had change the file format so it will sort easier and work better within Crew Chief Pro. Since we were able to race at several tracks that had Live Timing we made many improvements to the features. You will especially like the automatic loading of YOUR runs into Crew Chief Pro. A great time saver since it will automatically enter your run, the Weather, and your opponent's information in a milisecond of time.

7.50 changed the Vapor Pressure Prediction formula to be more responsive. Adjusted the Grains Prediction Formulas also for the same reason.

Added Air Density Ratio to the Run Data form and the Prediction Screen. 7.50 calculates the difference between the baseline run and the current conditions also. Added Text Messaging Timer control so you can change how often text messages are sent. Hundreds of other minor things were improved also.

Added the ability to link live weather for the Porta Tree weather station. They added better logic on the Finish Line Manager TAB. 7.50 also made improvements to the Run Completion TAB so if you run 1/4 Mile you can choose between two formulas. The 1000 foot one, and the new 1/8th Mile to 1000 Foot Split Formula. You can even furnish your own factor for this formula below the drop down list. Improved the Text Messaging area to look up settings for you. 7.50 also changed the look of the Fonts used throughout the program. You can now RIGHT CLICK on the Run Data TAB and choose a different Font used throughout the main Crew Chief Software program. Did You Know that you can also change the picture behind the Weather Data Area? You can, just double click on it and put your own picture in its place.

Improved Finish Line Manager by now automatically populating the drop down list with every Opponent you have ever entered. So Make Sure you Enter your Opponents! Next time you run this person Finish Line Manager will tell you where to expect them at every interval so you can decide if you want the stripe or not.
FOR PERFORMAIRE WEATHER STATION OWNERS: We revised the Default Communications module for these weather stations. If you were having issues after long periods of time then this update will help. YOU MUST CHECK the box under the Weather Station SETUP TAB that reads DEFAULT COMMUNICATIONS. Then SAVE the Weather Station Settings, and restart Crew Chief. We also added a check box on the Factors Screen TAB that says "Show Baseline Date and #". If you check this box then the Baseline Date and Run Number will appear on the Prediction TAB. We revised the Crew Chief #1 Formula for large swings in Adjusted Altitude so it should predict better. More changes are being made for the HP Factor and several other formulas for large swings in weather.
PLUS tons of other small features that make Pro 7.50 easier to use and more accurate predictions!

Pro 7.50 features "Finish Line Manager" that analyzes where you should be compared to your opponent at the 330ft, 660ft, and 1000ft timers. For Example: It may calculate that you should be 25 feet back at the 330ft, 16 feet back at the 1/8th Mile, and 9 Feet back at the 1000ft. Then you can determine if you should take the stripe or not! This is the most powerful, new, and EXCITING step to make you a better finish line driver. This feature works automatically with the Live Timing and the iCard Receivers. Crew Chief Pro 7.50 can now view and analyze everyone in your class with this receiver!

  • Amazing graphics, simple user interface.
  • 30% less effort to Input and Predict a Run. 1000 times faster to Predict an ET or Throttle Stop.
  • More accurate predictions with Automatic Ratio Calculations. Now choose between 9 different formulas.
  • Integrated Instruction Videos included in software - 19 different videos explaining how to use each section!
  • Color coordinated Weather Predictions. Red in the weather means slow, Green means Fast.
  • Unlimited Future. Our development software has No limitations.
  • Margin of Victory Analysis for both 1/8th Mile and 1/4 Mile, now includes Finish Line Manager!
  • Wind Factoring! Automatically calculates the ET Difference for any wind speed or Direction!
  • Integrates with Live Timing, ICard Receivers, and NHRA Live Timing.
  • This is not a Pro 6 upgrade, we started with a clean slate and included thousands of racers ideas.
  • Works with any weather station! Supports automatic input from all trailer weather station manufacturers ( Altalab, Performaire, Davis, Computech ).
  • Text Messaging and Email Predictions for up to 3 different phones, and or Email, plus a pager! Is that cool or what?

    Crew Chief Pro 7.50 Software: The Newest, Most Powerful Crew Chief Software! Advanced 32-64 bit, high speed, high powered, super program. Includes All Prediction Modules for ET and Throttle Stop Predictions. Includes "Finish Line Manager". Has user selectable screens and no charge reports and screens. Also includes 4 different ET and Throttle Stop Prediction Formulas. Event Logbook View, Tech Card Printing, Late Night ET Prediction Formula and the ability to track and analyze most anything. A must have program for serious racers. For Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Millennium, 1024 x768 Screen Display and at least 64 meg of ram. iCard Optional.

    Crew Chief Pro 7.50 with weather station communication software: Includes all of the Crew Chief Pro 7.1=50 capabilities with additional features including integrates weather stations communication software. This is a must have program for serious racers. Requires the use of a weather station with or with out a pager.
    You can now receive updates via text messaging on your cell phone or by email! You can send up to 3 people anywhere in the world the same info as a pager via their cell phone's text messaging system.

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    Main Entry Screen Car Setup ET Prediction Live Timing
    Logbook Printout Logbook Screen Opponent Info Run Completion
    Search ETs Search Weather Tech Card Throttle Stop Prediction

    With a user list like this - You know you can count on Crew Chief Pro 7.50 to get you to stripe!

    Jeg & Samantha Coughlin

    Tommy Phillips

    Peter Biondo

    Mike Sawyer

    Lee Zane

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    Crew Chief Pro 7.50 Software
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    Crew Chief Pro 7.50 Software
  • Works with Altalab, Davis, Computech and Altronics Performaire PC Weather Stations Without Pager
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    Crew Chief Pro 7.50 Software
  • Works with Altalab, Davis, Computech and Altronics Performaire PC Pager Capable Weather Stations
  • Pager Not Included
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    3 Products

    Jeg Coughlin Jr., Tommy Phillips, Peter Biondo, Mike and Ray Sawyer, Lee Zane, Brenda Grubbs