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Dart LS Next Engine Blocks

Dart LS Next Engine Blocks

Dart Unleashes the Full Potential of the LS Engine Platform With the LS Next Engine Block!

The New Dart LS Next Engine Blocks are designed to eliminate the high RPM power loss and the problem of separate bays in the crankcase associated with the ''Y-Block'' design of the LS engine series. This has been accomplished by using the conventional style small and big block Chevy 4-bolt steel main caps with 7/16" bolts, full main webbing and crank barrel around a standard LS rotating assembly for maximum bottom end strength!

The cylinder barrels are extended by .375" at the bottom, providing the effective equivalent of a 9.615" deck height in terms of potential supported piston travel, while maintaining a standard 9.240" actual deck height for maximum compatibility with available components. This equates to greater piston support with long stroke combinations and allows for better piston designs to increase stability. While extra thick Siamese cylinder bores allow for large displacement capacity!

The oiling system has also been revised the stock internal main oil galley has been eliminated and a revised low restriction priority main oiling system is utilized. A pro-stock / pro-mod big block style stepped main oil galley measuring 9/16"-1/2"-7/16" is employed and increases volume but most importantly there is no loss of pressure or velocity at the front of the block!

At the top end of the block a 5/8" thick full deck design with six head bolts per cylinder is utilized to provide secure clamping strength and versatility for power adder applications. LSX style lifter bosses and guides are utilized while the provisions for oil restrictors in the lifter valley simplify the installation and removal of restrictors!

  • Reduced windage and increased power
  • Extended cylinder barrel length
  • Siamese cylinder bores
  • Special RMR Iron Alloy
  • 4.000'' or 4.125'' w/ 4.200'' Maximum Bore
  • 4.200'' x 4.100'' Maximum Bore & Stroke
  • 454 Cubic Inch Maximum
  • Stock LS Camshaft Position
  • Accepts Standard Camshaft Belt Drive or Chain Drive (Cloyes p/n 9-3658TX3)
  • 1.565'' O.D. Camshaft Snout
  • .275'' Cylinder Wall Thickness @ 4.185'' Bore
  • 9.240'' Deck Height w / extended cylinder barrels .375'' at bottom
  • 5/8'' (.625'') Deck Thickness
  • 1.500'' Diameter Freeze Plugs
  • Cam retaining plate: Dart cam retaining plate / Cover. Dart 301-32226000
  • Billet Steel 4-Bolt Splayed Main Caps w/Center Thrust
  • .8427'' - .8437'' Lifter Bores (up to .937'' keyed w/ 1.062'' dia. bushing)
  • Low Volume Priority Main Oiling System w/Center Crossover
  • Melling or Stock LS Oil Pump
  • Must Use Remote Oil Filter
  • Special Oil Pan Required: Moroso, Canton and Stef's
  • Stock LS style Rear Main Seal with Factory Cover
  • Factory LS Starter w/Driver and Passenger Mounting Options
  • Main Bolts: Inners - 7/16'' x 3.600''; Outer - 7/16'' x 2.900''
  • Studs Holes: Head 10-bolt Pattern with 7/16'', 3/8'', and 8mm sizes
  • Stud Length in Block: 1.000'' Thread Depth
  • Factory LS Timing Cover and Front Seal
  • 227 lbs w/Main Caps
  • 100% Made in the USA!

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    Dart LS Next Engine Blocks

    LS Next Engine Block
  • Cast Iron
  • 4.000" Bore
  • 9.240" Deck
  • 4-Bolt Steel Main Caps
  • $119
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    LS Next Engine Block
  • Cast Iron
  • 4.125" Bore
  • 9.240" Deck
  • 4-Bolt Steel Main Caps
  • $119
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    2 Products