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Edelbrock Carburetor Choke Kits

Edelbrock Carburetor Choke Kits

No more choke linkage! Upgrade your manual choke Edelbrock carbs with an Edelbrock electric choke conversion kit or divorced choke. Edelbrock Carburetor Choke Kits include all parts necessary to convert Edelbrock carburetors to electric choke or divorced choke.

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Choke Kits

Electric Choke Kit
  • For Performer Carburetors
  • Includes All Parts To Convert Your Performer Series Carb To Electric Choke
    Note: Not for Thunder Series AVS Carbs
  • $62.09
    Order Today Ships 05/26/15

    Choke Kit
  • For Big Block Chevy Performer Manifolds (Divorced Choke)
  • $48.00
    Order Today Ships 05/26/15
    Replacement Parts

    Choke Cap
  • For Performer/Thunder Carburetors
  • Includes Locking Tabs and Screws
  • $27.90
    Order Today Ships 05/26/15

    3 Products