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Edelbrock Shut-Off Valve Kit

Edelbrock Shut-Off Valve Kit

The Remote Electric Arming Valve Kit enables the driver to quickly turn the nitrous valve "on" or "off" without having to turn the bottle valve by hand every time. When the nitrous system is not in use, such as overnight/storage, the remote arming valve AND the main bottle valve should be turned off.

The 1/4-Turn Ball Valve Kit is designed as an emergency shut-off to isolate the nitrous in the bottle from the engine compartment in case of an emergency. The valve is typically installed in the driver's compartment within reach of the driver. If an accident or fire occurs, the driver or emergency personnel need only turn the handle a 1/4 of a turn to stop nitrous flow to the solenoids.

2 Products
Electronic Bottle Valve Shut-Off

Remote Electric Arming Valve Kit
  • Closes Nitrous Bottle Valve with the Flip of a Switch
  • $187.58
    Manual Bottle Valve Shut-Off

    High-Flow 1/4-Turn Ball Valve Kit
  • Designed as Emergency Shut-Off
  • .375'' Orifice Rated to 2,000 psi
  • $78.91

    2 Products