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Engine Chek Filter Screens

Engine Chek
Engine Chek Filter Screens

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Professional engine builders cut the oil filter apart after running a newly assembled engine the first time. They do this to study the filter element for trapped material. The type and material gives them a good indication of the internal condition of the engine. As you can imagine, it's a real pain to cut apart a filter full of oil. Engine Chek makes it easy for the home and professional mechanic alike to check for foreign material in the engine. Just remove and inspect the filter the next time you change your oil.

Spot Trouble Before It Happens

  • Black Flakes or Specs - carbon due to excessive blow by, indicative of worn piston rings and/or faulty PCV valve or EGR valve.
  • Non-magnetic Silver-colored Flakes or Filings - excessive bearing wear.
  • Magnetic Silver-Colored Flakes or Filings - excessive valve train wear.
  • Bronze-colored Flakes or Filings - excessive wear of bushings or gears.
  • Plastic Flakes - excessive wear of cam gear and/or cam tensioner.

    * Each package contains four screens.

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    Engine Chek 1040 - Engine Chek Filter Screens
    Fits Powerstroke diesels and Fram HP-6 - 3.5'' OD x 1.7'' ID 230 micron (.009'')
    Was: $16.99
    Now: $4.88

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