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Ford Racing Roller Pilot Bearings

Ford Racing
Ford Racing Roller Pilot Bearings

Ford Roller Pilot Bearing

Ford Racing Transmission Input Shaft Roller Pilot Bearings are the perfect solution to reduce friction and heat on your input shaft and crankshaft. The pilot bearing will make shifting at high RPM's easier and will increase the life of your current or newly installed clutch. These sealed pilot bearings are pre-greased and ready to install.

To insure a long life out of your pilot bearing make sure your bell housing is properly indexed to the crankshaft. Bearings do not run properly for very long if you put excessive side loading on them. Roller bearing are also only recommended for later model transmissions that's reduced tolerances require ATF for lubrication rather than gear oil. Older style transmissions with increased tolerances may also put excessive side loading on the bearing drastically reducing the bearings service life.Made in USA.

  • Reduces Heat and Friction
  • Makes High RPM Shifting Easier
  • Recommended for Late Model ATF Fluid Transmissions

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    Roller Pilot Bearing
  • Fits 289/302/351C/351W Crankshafts
  • Designed for 0.669" Diameter Input Shaft
  • $11.99

    Roller Pilot Bearing
  • Fits 4.6L/5.4L/5.0L 4V TIVCT Modular Engines
  • $12.99

    2 Products