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G-Tech Pro SS Performance Meter

G-Tech Pro SS Performance Meter

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Wow, guys at G-TECH truly are fanatics, for almost 20 years they have been tinkering and they have actually made their legendary Performance Meter even better. It now has High-Frequency GPS engine and it's appropriately called the FANATIC Precision Series. Now it's easier to get super-accurate performance measurements like 60ft, 0-60mph, 1/8 & 1/4mile, Horsepower, Torque and more. With the new GPS technology you no longer have to make your measurements from a stand-still and now G-TECH works on boats and motorcycles as well, so it really is the ultimate tuning-tool.

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G-Tech Pro SS Fanatic
  • SS Performance Meter
  • Mounting System
  • DC cigarette lighter power cord
  • User manual
  • $203.99
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