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Chevrolet Performance LSA Supercharger Kits

Chevrolet Performance
Chevrolet Performance LSA Supercharger Kits

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These compact powerhouse's of a blower displaces 1.9 liters and uses a pair of Eaton four-lobe, high-helix rotors for greater efficiency. That means the supercharger makes more power at lower rpm and sustains it through the upper reaches of the rpm band. On a 6.2L engine, it produces about 9 pounds of boost. These supercharger kits are based on the Cadillac CTS-V LSA engine's assembly and the ZL1 Camaro assembly, which the CTS-V has a slightly different intercooler cover than the ZL1 version. The Chevrolet Performance Superchargers include a fully assembled system with the supercharger intake, fuel injectors, cast cover, intercooler, front pulley, throttle body and gasket set. They fit engines with rectangular-port (L92-style) cylinder heads. Maximum boost pressure varies with engine displacement, compression ratio and other factors. Of course, you'll need proper tuning and an adequate fuel system to support this pressurized power adder (we suggest you use the new ZL1 fuel pump p/n 809-19258436), but when it's all together, the LSA supercharger has the capability of taking your LS or LSX engine's performance to a fantastic new level.

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LSA Supercharger

Chevrolet Performance 19244095 - Chevrolet Performance LSA Supercharger Kits
LSA Supercharger Kit
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ZL1 Supercharger

Chevrolet Performance 19300534 - Chevrolet Performance LSA Supercharger Kits
ZL1 Supercharger Kit
  • Original Equipment on a 2012-14 ZL1 Camaro
  • Integrated Air to Liquid Intercooler With Front facing lines
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    Drive Belts

    Supercharger Belt
  • LSA 6.2L
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