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Granatelli Mustang MAF Conversion Wiring Harness

Granatelli Mustang MAF Conversion Wiring Harness

Convert your Speed Density Mustang to a Mass Air Flow Meter

The Granatelli MAF conversion harness allows you to upgrade your 1986-88 EFI 5.0L Mustang. A mass air flow system is much more flexible in it's ability to compensate for engine changes since they actually measure airflow instead of computing it based on preprogrammed assumptions. They are self-compensating for most reasonable upgrades, as well as extremely accurate under low-speed, part-throttle operation. No cutting of any wires is required, just connect this harness to your new MAF sensor (not included) and simply plug into your existing speed density wiring harness that connects to the mass air ECM (not included).

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Mass Air Conversion Wiring Harness

Granatelli 81868801 - Granatelli Mustang MAF Conversion Wiring Harness
MAF Conversion Wiring Harness
  • 1986-88 Mustang 5.0L EFI
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