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Hose Candy Vacuum & Turbo Hose Quick-Coupler Kits

Hose Candy
Hose Candy Vacuum & Turbo Hose Quick-Coupler Kits

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Hose Candy is a quick coupler system that converts any vacuum or turbo hose connection into a quick disconnect. Color coding provides a show stopping look. Installation requires only minutes and half a twist! Hose Candy is available in three kits: Master Kit, Basic Kit and 48 Kit. Each kit is available in 5 colors. The Master Kit includes 155 fittings to allow hundreds of designs and will customize (18-36 hoses), Basic Kit 89 fittings (9-18 hoses) and 48 Kit 39 fittings (4-8 hoses). This comprehensive quick-coupler kit has a special modular design with CNC rotating collars, rubber vacuum and barb adapers, modular snap-lock fittings, elbows, straights, couplers, plugs, reducers, unions, tees and more for all common hose sizes. NOTE: Hose sold separately.

Features & Benefits:

  • Leak-proof, they eliminate power-robbing vacuum leaks and withstand high under-hood temperatures
  • Provide the performance of a positive seal.
  • Rated for -30 inches of vacuum and 125 P.S.I. of pressure
  • Prevents breaking lines, hoses and knuckles.
  • Connect and disconnect with a 1/2 twist.
  • Makes diagnosing engine problems quicker and easier.

  • Master Kit - 155 Fittings, Customize (18-36) Hoses
  • Basic Kit - 89 Fittings, Customize (9-18) Hoses
  • 48 Kit - 39 Fittings, Customize (4-8) Hoses

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    Silicone Hose Kits

    Hose Candy 40105 - Hose Candy Vacuum & Turbo Hose Quick-Coupler Kits
    Silicone Hose Kit Stage 2
  • Black
  • 5' 10mm I.D. Heavy Wall
  • 5' 8mm I.D. Heavy Wall
  • 10' 6mm I.D. Heavy Wall
  • 15' 4mm I.D. Heavy Wall
  • 15' 3mm I.D. Heavy Wall
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    Now: $46.66

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