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Impact Racing Helmet Dryer

Impact Racing
Impact Racing Helmet Dryer

Dry Your Helmet Without Damaging Your Helmet Liner

A must have to increase the life of your helmet and reduce the amount of moisture setting in your helmet to increase comfort between rounds in a day or before storing. Impact Racing has developed a portable and effective way to dry the inside of your helmet. The Impact Racing Helmet Dryer can be placed on any level surfaced plugged in and put to work. The Helmet Dryer circulates a constant low velocity ambient air throughout the helmet. Do to there being no heating element the Helmet Dryer can be ran for long periods of time without damaging the inner liner of your helmet.

  • 110V AC driven low amp fan unit
  • Sets on any flat surface
  • Rubber stripping around the base protects surfaces and reduces slipping
  • Perfect solution for between round helmet drying

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    Impact Racing 10000009 - Impact Racing Helmet Dryer
    Helmet Dryer
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