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Impact Restraint Accessories

Impact Racing
Impact Restraint Accessories

Accessories To Make Your Impact Restraint System Even Safer And More Comfortable

Impact Racing has developed multiple devices to make their already top-of-the-line safety gear, even safer than it already is. With parts and accessories such as replacement connectors, arm restraints, and harness pads, Impact Racing has everything you need to make your racing experience as comfortable and safe as can be! Made In USA

  • Increase Comfort Of Your Impact Racing Restraint System
  • Replacement Connectors For Broken Or Worn Out Parts
  • Arm Restraints And Other Harnesses Keep You Where You Are Supposed To Be During A Race

  • 8 Products

    Arm Restraints

    Impact Racing 75000910 - Impact Restraint Accessories
    Arm Restraints
  • Black
  • $60.00
    Order Today Ships 06/06/16

    Drag Link Tether Strap

    Impact Racing 50000071 - Impact Restraint Accessories
    Drag Link Tether Strap
  • For Open Wheel Applications
  • Ties drag link to frame
  • $9.99
    Order Today Ships 06/06/16

    Harness Pads

    Impact Racing 50000001 - Impact Restraint Accessories
    Nomex Harness Pads
  • Fits 2'' and 3'' Safety Belts
  • Hook-And-Loop Closure
  • Made In The USA
  • $37.00
    Order Today Ships 06/06/16

    Belt Hardware

    Impact Racing 50000011 - Impact Restraint Accessories
    3in 3-Bar Adjuster
    Order Today Ships 06/06/16
    Impact Racing 5000011-2 - Impact Restraint Accessories
    Order Today Ships 06/06/16

    Belt Mounting Hardware

    Impact Racing 50000021 - Impact Restraint Accessories
    Bolt In Hardware
    Impact Racing 50000031 - Impact Restraint Accessories
    Clip In Hardware
    Order Today Ships 05/31/16
    Impact Racing 50000041 - Impact Restraint Accessories
    Eye Bolt Hardware
    Order Today Ships 05/31/16

    8 Products