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JEGS Electric Vacuum Pump Kit

JEGS Performance Products
JEGS Electric Vacuum Pump Kit

Higher performance can lead to lower vacuum! When you add a high-lift cam or supercharger to your vehicle, the engine may not create enough vacuum to adequately operate the power brakes. A minimum of 16" is typically needed to operate the booster. JEGS Electric Vacuum Pump will maintain between 18" and 22", ensuring your brake system operates properly. Installation hardware included. Made in the USA.

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Electric Vacuum Pump

Electric Vacuum Pump Kit
  • 18" to 22" (Hg)
  • 10 Amp Mini Blade Fuse
  • 12 Volt DC, 84 Watt Relay
  • $269.99
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    Replacement Parts

    Vacuum Pump Relay
  • Fits 555-63016
  • $31.99

    Vacuum Pump Control Module
  • Fits 555-63016
  • $31.99
    Order Today Ships 10/03/14

    3 Products