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JEGS Tow Straps

JEGS Performance Products
JEGS Tow Straps

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JEGS 4000 Lb. Retractable Tow Strap
Ideal for towing to and from the pit or paddock at the race track. The recoil action ensures that no webbing is on the ground when the tow vehicle slows down. Features a black aluminum housing with 15' of nylon webbing, a tie back ring and a safety snap.

JEGS 10,000 lb. Flexible Tow Straps
JEGS flexible tow straps are assembled with heavy duty nylon webbing for 10,000 pounds of pull strength.

JEGS Tow Snake™
The Tow Snake™ re-coil towing system is simple, safe, easy to operate and eliminates the problem of running over the strap while in use. Automatically takes up all of the slack by folding itself up like a snake. As you begin to tow it unfolds until you reach the point where it is fully extended. Both ends are looped to fit over your hitch ball or tow hook(s) and provides 10,000 lb of pull strength with a 3,333 lb working limit. Made in the USA.

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Retractable Strap

4000 Lb Retractable Tow Strap

Standard Strap

Flexible Tow Strap
  • 10,000 lbs
  • 25' Strap w/Flat Snap Hooks
  • $26.99
    Order Today Ships 10/23/15

    Tow Snake

    Tow Snake
  • 15'
  • Was: $34.99
    Now: $31.99

    Tow Snake
  • 20'
  • Was: $39.99
    Now: $36.99

    4 Products