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JET Modified Holley 2-bbl Carburetors

JET Performance
JET Modified Holley 2-bbl Carburetors

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STAGE 1- A Stage 1 Holley 2bbl, starts with a core that shows the greatest ''stock'' airflow. Metering blocks are fully modified, and the jetting, power valve and accelerator circuits are calibrated for the specific application. These modifications are done to promote maximum off-the-corner torque as well as straight-away horsepower. A .130 needle and seat is installed for high RPM fuel delivery and the float is modified to control fuel slosh during cornering and breaking. The carburetor is assembled using the highest quality components and finished with a 3/8'' fuel inlet.

STAGE 2- Starts with all of the modifications of a Stage 1 and features a 1.75 throttle bore (butterfly) versus a 1.690 that is stock. This increases airflow and also helps equalize fuel distribution in the intake manifold. This is commonly referred to as a "Cheater" carburetor because it passes any inspection as long as it is not removed from the manifold.

STAGE 3- Features all of the modifications of a Stage 1 & 2 plus the venturi diameter is increased to the maximum allowable size for a substantial increase in airflow. A Stage 3 is intended for classes where full modified carburetors are openly allowed.

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Holley 2-bbl Carburetors

500 cfm Stage 1
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500 cfm Stage 2
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500 cfm Stage 3
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350 cfm Stage-1
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350 cfm Stage-2
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350 cfm Stage-3
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Throttle Shaft Bushing Kit

Throttle Shaft Bushing Kit
  • For Holley® Carburetor
  • Includes 16 Bushings/Reamer/Instructions
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