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Jegster Traction Bars/Rear Upper Control Arm Mounts for Mustang

Jegster Traction Bars/Rear Upper Control Arm Mounts for Mustang

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Knock .07 Seconds Off Your 60-Foot Times!

This is the traction bar that does not look like a traction bar. Traction mounts move the pivot point of the upper control arm in order to change your rear suspension geometry. By changing the relationship between this geometry and your car's center of gravity, you'll see increased traction, harder launches and less wheelhop. These traction mounts have been shown to decrease 60 ft. times by .07 seconds. These parts are completely ''bolt-on''.. The Traction Mounts are compatible with stock control arms and Jegster 550-40076 and 550-40077 control arms and most others. The installation raises the rear pivot point of the upper control arm 1/2''. Because the upper control arms are so short, this 1/2'' relocation makes a huge change in the instant center location. The illustration above shows imaginary projections of the control arm center lines. The point that these projected center lines intersect is the instant center of the rear suspension. The stock instant center is about 132'' from the rear housing center line and about 15-1/2'' from the track. The instant center with the 40075 mounts installed is about 58'' from the housing center line and about 11-3/4'' from the track surface. This position is much more desirable for performance use.

  • Kit includes left & right traction mounts, two bolt sleeves, two 7/16'' bolts with lock nuts, two 1/2'' Allen head screws, two 1/2'' bar nuts.

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79-93 Mustang Traction Mounts

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