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K&N Air Filter/Breather Kits

K&N Air Filter/Breather Kits

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K&N air filters and breathers have a wash and reuse technology is unmatched in today's market. Whether you're on the street, strip, on road or off. K&N is the best filtration system for your vehicle. K&N Air Filters and breathers were created for an environment requiring maximum horsepower and enhanced acceleration in addition to protection from the dirt and dust of off-road racing. The result is a filter system that allows dramatically more air into an engine, is washable and reusable, and will protect your engine for the life of your vehicle.

The secret lies in K&N's unique design. Conventional filters use paper or foam material permeated with millions of tiny, irregular passages that screen dirt particles out of the air. Because the dirt particles are trapped inside the passages, they eventually clog, and when this occurs, airflow restriction increases dramatically. With the K&N Filter, a special cotton fabric is sandwiched between the pleated aluminum screen wires. The cotton screen wire filter media is then saturated with a formulated air filter oil. Acting like a fluid curtain, this oil attracts particles of dirt and debris which build up on the outside of the filter. This buildup of dirt particles suspended in oil creates more and more irregular passages that actually create an additional filtering barrier with use.

The K&N PreCharger is a specially designed filter wrap made to extend the service interval of your K&N Filter. They are made from durable polyester material containing a uniform weave. The PreCharger will stop small dirt particles with minimal restriction to the airflow of the filter. The PreCharger is custom made to fit each application. Double stitched elastic openings assure that the PreCharger will stay in place.

  • More horsepower
  • Maximum airflow
  • Long lasting performance
  • Wash and reuse technology

  • 4 Products

    K&N Air filter and Breather Kit
  • 14'' x 6'' X-Stream Air Filter element
  • 6'' Filter Wrap
  • 2-1.5''Breathers W/Deflector
  • Easy Kits

    K&N Air filter and Breather Kit
  • 14'' x 6'' X-Stream Air Filter Element
  • 6''Filter Wrap
  • 2-1.5''Breathers
  • Easy Kits
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    K&N Air filter and Breather Kit
  • 14'' x 5'' X-Stream Air Filter Element
  • 5'' Filter Wrap
  • 2-1.5 Breathers W/Deflector
  • Easy Kits

    K&N Air filter and Breather Kit
  • 14'' X 5'' X-Stream Air Filter Element
  • 5'' Filter Wrap
  • 2-1.5 Breathers
  • Easy Kits
    Order Today Ships 07/31/15

    4 Products