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LSM LS-Series Valve Spring Compressor

LSM Racing Products
LSM LS-Series Valve Spring Compressor

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LSM Racing Products is proud to announce their BRAND NEW valve spring compressor for ALL current GM LS series motors. The LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6 and LS7! LSM thought of everything with their new "SC-167". This tool is ultra low profile and will fit under the hood of any GM car truck or SUV. It mounts directly to the factory rocker stand on the LS1, LS2, LS3 and LS6 motors and directly to the cylinder head when changing springs on the LS7 engine. LSM utilizes its proprietary "Floating Valve Angle Axis" combined with precision lead screw technology that allows the tool to automatically adjust for valve angle variance and easily compresses the springs straight down.

Another unique feature of the SC-167 is the compressor top. It has contoured spring reliefs for spring clearance so that you do not need to remove it to remove or install the springs. Just rotate it 90° and remove and replace both springs to quickly save time. Also, because it mounts directly to the factory stand, there is no need to remove all of the rockers if you only need to change one spring or one pair of springs. Another time and money saver. Just remove the pair of rockers on the cylinder you are working on, install the SC-167 and go. It is constructed out of billet steel and combined with LSM's precision lead screw technology easily compresses two springs at a time with up to 600 pounds of combined spring pressure. As always with LSM, 100% designed and manufactured in the USA.

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LSM Racing Products SC-167 - LSM LS-Series Valve Spring Compressor
Valve Spring Compressor
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