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MSD DIS Racing Coil

MSD Ignition
MSD DIS Racing Coil

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Blaster DIS Racing Coil

For all-out race cars with multi-channel coil drivers this new Blaster Coil will provide the incredible voltage your vehicle needs. This coil will top off your MSD DIS-4 HO Ignition system with its low resistance and quick rise time. This combination can produce a spark with incredible voltage that's capable of burning the fuel mix in any cylinder! The Blaster DIS Racing Coil can be used on a variety of applications ranging from coil per cylinder systems to waste spark combinations. The windings are secured in the epoxy molded housing for vibration protection and high dielectric properties and is easy to mount.

Note: Designed for engines equipped with an MSD DIS Ignition System only.

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MSD Ignition 8230 - MSD DIS Racing Coil
Blaster DIS Racing Coil
  • Primary Resistance: 0.080 ohms
  • Secondary Resistance: 1.8K ohms
  • Max Voltage: 37,000 Volts
  • Turns Ratio: 70:1
  • Peak Current: 570 mA
  • Spark Duration: 130 Us
  • $62.17

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