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MSD Distributorless Ignition Controls

MSD Ignition
MSD Distributorless Ignition Controls

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MSD Distributorless Ignition Controls deliver a stout, CD spark that is capable of burning the majority of air/fuel mixtures. Distributorless Ignitions are coil-per-cylinder and coil-on-plug systems that have an individual coil for each cylinder. These coils receive voltage and energy via an ECU-triggered driver. These drivers can be incorporated into the ECU or in the coils themselves (such as the GM LS).

DIS Plus Ignition Control Features:
  • 2-Step Rev Control
  • Step Retard
  • LED Monitor
  • Features are Adjustable with Rotary Switches

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    DIS Plus Ignition Controls

    DIS-2 Plus 2-Channel Ignition Control
  • 4-Cylinder Engine with 1 or 2-Coil Packs
  • CARB E.O Number D-40-31
  • $599.95
    Order Today Ships 10/20/15

    DIS-4 Plus 4-Channel Ignition Control
  • 6 or 8-Cylinder Engine with 2, 3 or 4-Coil Packs
  • CARB E.O Number D-40-31
  • $619.95
    Order Today Ships 10/12/15

    DIS Plus Higher Output Race Only Ignition Controls

    DIS-4 Plus HO 4-Channel Ignition Control
  • High Output Race Only
  • 2, 3 or 4-Coil Packs
  • $683.95

    Midget DIS-2 Programmable Race Ignition

    Midget DIS-2 Programmable Race Ignition
  • Two Timing Curves
  • Rev Limit
  • Start Retard
  • Battery Monitor
  • $729.95
    Order Today Ships 10/12/15


    Midget Coil Pack
  • For Use with 121-6214
  • $131.95
    Order Today Ships 10/12/15

    5 Products