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MSD Power Grid Ignition System

MSD Ignition
MSD Power Grid Ignition System

The Power Grid Ignition System is the next evolution of the Programmable 7-Series Ignition Controls. The Grid incorporates an efficient 32 bit microcontroller and an all new software program, called MSD View, and is USB compatible. The Windows based software is designed with tabs to help racers easily select different programming windows and parameters. Also, the data acquisition files of the ignition are now captured on a micro SD card for ease of storage and reviewing.

The Power Grid Ignition incorporates CAN-BUS technology which reduces the amount of wiring and simplifies the addition of accessory modules. The CAN-BUS is a common harness that accessory controls are connected to and easily brought into the programming library of the View Software. With this technology, racers can connect the Power Grid system directly into their Racepak Data Recorder and other Racepak products.

NOTE: To use any modules with the Power Grid System, users MUST plug the modules into a 4-Connector CAN-BUS Hub (# 121-7740) to be attached to the Power Grid System Controller (# 121-7730).

The Power Grid Controller is the brains behind the entire system and can be used with any MSD Ignition or the Pro Mag to provide advance ignition tuning capabilities. While it is compatible with all MSD boxes, the new Power Grid System Controller has been specially designed to mount to the Power Grid Ignition Control box. Also, this new Ignition packs higher output than current programmable units!

The Power Grid Controller is supplied with the View Software, wiring harness, micro-SD card and mounting hardware. The Power Grid Ignition Control Box, available separately, is supplied with the harness and mounting hardware.

Powergrid System Flyer

  • USB connection for ease of programming
  • Timing based on engine RPM and gear value
  • Advanced individual cylinder timing based on gear or time
  • Five retard stages for nitrous
  • Four steps of RPM limits for burnouts, spool, launch and over rev
  • Direct connection to Racepack
  • Output switch set on RPM, pressure, or time
  • Shift light settings for each gear
  • Ignition data acquisition accepts multiple runs

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    Power Grid System Controller

    Power Grid System Controller
  • Each
  • $383.95

    Power Grid System Controller Kit
  • Includes Power Grid Controller & Ignition Control, Distributor, Crank Trigger, HVC-2 Coil, and Plug Wires
  • Rebate for MSD Ignition 7730K Easy Kits
    Power Grid Ignition Control Box

    Power Grid Ignition Control Box
  • Each
  • $427.95
    Can-Bus Hub

    Can-Bus Hub
  • 4-Connections
  • Allows Module Connection to 121-7730
  • $72.95
    Accessory Modules

    Advanced RPM Control Module
  • Sets Rev Limits Based On Slew Rate OR Time Since Launch
  • For Use With Power Grid System
  • $523.95
    Order Today Ships 09/02/14

    Boost Retard Module
  • Maps Ignition Timing vs Boost
  • Built In 4 Bar (44 PSI) Sensor
  • For Use With MSD Powergrid System
  • $182.95

    Manual Launch Control Module
  • Make Last Minute Changes
  • Change Shift Light and RPM Launch
  • For use with Power Grid Controller
  • $167.95

    Boost Timing Control
  • For Use With MSD Powergrid System
  • $428.95
    Order Today Ships 09/02/14

    CAN-Bus Extension Harness
  • 2ft
  • $28.95

    CAN-Bus Extension Harness
  • 4ft
  • $35.95

    CAN-Bus Extension Harness
  • 6ft
  • $43.95

    Wiring Harness
  • Converts Programmable 7 to Power Grid
  • $102.95

    Replacement Wiring Harness
  • For 121-7730 Power Grid
  • $92.95
    Order Today Ships 09/04/14
    CAN-Bus Termination Cap

    CAN-Bus Termination Cap
  • For Power Grid Ignition System
  • $15.95
    Order Today Ships 09/09/14

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