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Mallory FireStorm 36-1 Hi-Resolution Crank Trigger Kits

Mallory FireStorm 36-1 Hi-Resolution Crank Trigger Kits

Mallory's Crank Trigger System uses four permanent magnets fastened in an aluminum wheel and a non-magnetic pickup. This crank trigger design produces an accurate signal and cannot be falsely triggered by any odd-shaped trigger wheel. Mallory Crank Trigger Kits include a unique two-piece mounting bracket for the non-magnetic pickup.

  • Compatible with both street and race applications
  • Unmatched crank signal with 9x the resolution of conventional trigger wheels
  • Accurate to +/- tenth of a degree timing at 10,000 RPM when used with FireStorm Ignition Module
  • Helps to accelerate the engine at a faster rate
  • Powerful Hall Effect Sensor for super signal accuracy
  • Easy to install

    Each kit includes: Crank Trigger Wheel & Arm, Pickup, Wiring Harness, Mounting Bracket, and Hardware

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