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Mittler Brothers Bump Steer Gauges

Mittler Brothers
Mittler Brothers Bump Steer Gauges

Mittler Brothers Bump Steer Gauges measure the front end geometry settings of your race vehicle ensuring the tires to turn on their own as the suspension travels up and down providing faster and more consistent lap times. Today's coil bind and bump stop set-ups make bump steer settings more critical than ever.

  • Adjusts To Any Height
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Measures 6" of Travel
  • Works at Ride Height or on Jack Stands

  • 2 Products

    One Step Bump Steer Gauge
  • Only One Indicator Needed
  • Fits 5x5, 5x4-3/4 & 5x4-1/2 Hubs
  • Precision Machined Aluminum Wheel Plate
  • $350.00
    Order Today Ships 09/11/15

    Bump Steer Gauge
  • Comes With 2 Dial Indicators
  • Fits 5x5 and Standard Wide 5 Hubs
  • Each
  • $285.00
    Order Today Ships 09/11/15

    2 Products