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Moroso Mustang Cold Air Induction System

Moroso Mustang Cold Air Induction System

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Making horsepower is as easy as replacing your Mustang's stock air cleaner assembly with Moroso's bolt-in High Flow Air Induction System.

More air means more power. In fact, our Mustang Induction System with its large, computer designed inlet duct and ultra-low restriction filter element flows 122% more air than the stock system. The result is an additional 11 horsepower for significantly lower 0-60 MPH and quarter mile ET's!

Increased air flow is only half the story. Unlike other designs that draw air from the hot engine compartment, Moroso's System positions the high-flow pleated filter element outside of the engine compartment between the fender panels - ingesting cooler, denser air for more power. And because it doesn't hang under the front bumper like "Ram Air" kits, your engine won't swallow road dirt and ground clearance isn't reduced.

Every component in our High Flow Air Induction System for 5.0L Mustangs is manufactured with superior materials and craftsmanship. From the rotationally-molded air inlet duct, to stainless steel clamps, competition-style filter element and bolt-in powder coated mounting plate, the quality of Moroso's Mustang Air Induction System is far superior to other brands. And despite the quality workmanship, premium materials and performance benefits, it's also priced lower than other Mustang kits!

  • High flow 4-ply cotton gauze for maximum performance & filtration efficiency
  • Can be cleaned & re-oiled back to factory specification
  • Designed & manufactured to last the life of vehicle
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Includes all hardware and easy-to-follow instructions

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