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Moroso Pressure Regulator Fuel Log

Moroso Pressure Regulator Fuel Log

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A Moroso fuel log increases the flow orifice to nearly twice that of two regulators combined, creating a totally free-flowing fuel system that allows the pumps to deliver full capacity at all times. Eliminates Y-fittings, T-fittings and restrictive fuel blocks. Includes shims to adjust pressure from 6-10 psi and requires a fuel return line to the tank. Accepts 1/8'', 1/4'' and 3/8'' NPT fittings.

  • Meets the higher fuel delivery demands in today's race engines
  • Standard fuel systems regulate pressure before the fuel reaches the carburetors, while this system regulates pressure after the carburetors have been supplied and requires a return line to the fuel tank
  • Shims are included to allow easy pressure adjustment from 6-10 psi, as are complete instructions and tuning tips

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    Moroso 65145 - Moroso Pressure Regulator Fuel Log
    Fuel Log
  • Includes Shims, Instructions, Tuning Tips
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