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Moroso Roller Pilot Bearing

Moroso Roller Pilot Bearing

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Moroso's high speed roller pilot bearing is designed as a direct replacement in all Chevy V8, 90° V6, and 76-up V6 Buick, with no modifications to the crank or input shaft. It eliminates premature bearing failure and ensures clean clutch release by maintaining true alignment of clutch disc to flywheel. Packed with high temperature grease for proper lubrication under extreme high heat conditions, it is suitable for drag racing, oval track/road race and street.

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Moroso 41100 - Moroso Roller Pilot Bearing
Roller Pilot Bearing
  • Dimensions: 1.093" O.D. x .591" I.D. x .72" Depth
  • $21.97
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    1 Product