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NOS Ford Mustang Dry Nitrous Systems

NOS Ford Mustang Dry Nitrous Systems

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Excellent Mixture Atomization
The Ford modular engine platform is a natural for nitrous applications, and these fully-adjustable systems are designed especially for it, they add up to 75 HP! The extra fuel required is delivered by EFI, and nitrous is injected to the intake tract. Systems include a 10lb bottle and all necessary electrical hardware and plumbing for installation.

  • Use premium pump gas (92+ octane) or unleaded race fuel only
  • Do not use aftermarket chips or other devices that advance ignition timing (detonation might occur)
  • In some instances, high-output ignition and free-flowing exhaust systems may benefit performance.

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    EFI Dry Nitrous Systems

    NOS 05115 - NOS Ford Mustang Dry Nitrous Systems
    Stage I Dry Nitrous System
  • 1986-95 Mustang 5.0L SFI
  • Up to 75 HP
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    NOS 16509 - NOS Ford Mustang Dry Nitrous Systems
    Solenoid Bracket
  • EFI Solenoid Mount Bracket
  • Fits 741-05115
  • $9.01

    2 Products