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NOS Supercharger Nitrous System

NOS Supercharger Nitrous System

30% to 40% Extra
Horsepower and Torque

We know superchargers create a lot of horsepower, but they also create unwanted heat. One of the greatest benefits of a NOS system is the intercooler effect. Nitrous is injected at -127°F and, as it mixes with incoming air, intake temperatures can drop as much as 75°F, resulting in a denser intake charge. This system was designed for GMC-type roots blowers, small street blowers such as Weiand and Holley, or centrifugal such as Paxton and Vortech. An empty 10lb bottle is included (unless otherwise noted).

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Supercharger Direct Port Nitrous System

Supercharger Nitrous System
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  • For GM 6-71/8-71 Style Blowers
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