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Lund Cargo-Logic Loks

Lund Cargo-Logic Loks

Cargo-Logic Loks are made of durable plastic with a velcro hook underlining that grabs and fastens to Cargo-Logic Bed Mats. They can be used to hold large cargo items in place during transport. They can also be used in conjunction with the Cargo-Logic Tote, they keep groceries and gear from rolling around the truck bed and hold almost anything in place. Cargo-Logic Loks can be used on an entire Cargo-Logic Bed Mat to get the best, most convenient position for containing cargo.

  • Securely Holds Cargo In Place
  • Fastens Directly To Cargo-Logic Truck Bed & Cargo Liners
  • Use Multiple Pairs To Hold Individual Items In Their Place In Your Truck Bed

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    Cargo-Logic Loks

    Lund 700000 - Lund Cargo-Logic Loks
    Cargo-Logic Loks
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    Lund 700100 - Lund Cargo-Logic Loks
    Cargo-Logic Loks
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    2 Products