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Orange Electronic Retro-Fit TPMS & GPS Monitoring System

Orange Electronic
Orange Electronic Retro-Fit TPMS & GPS Monitoring System

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Orange Electronic's integrated P412A combines two of today's premier automotive aftermarket accessories into a sleek 4.3" touch screen - tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and GPS navigation. The TPMS system enables the driver to examine each tire's pressure and temperature at the press of a button - increasing safety through awareness, improving fuel economy through performance and decreasing stopping distance. The GPS function uses a 1-touch point of interest feature to guide the driver to any location in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Bahamas or the Cayman Islands.

This kit includes four sensors with adjustable valves, LED display, and 12-volt power adapter. Displays pressures from 0 to 76 psi(P409S) or 0 to 203 PSI(P602C), accurate to plus or minus 1 psi and displays temperatures from -22 to approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit, accurate to plus or minus 4 degrees. Customize display to show psi, kpa or bar units, and Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature; Normal green indicators change to red alerts to signify temperature or pressure concerns; High pressure warning level can be set between 40 and 60 psi, while low pressure warning level can be set between 18 and 35 psi; Sensor's lithium ion batteries will last up to 7 years under normal conditions.

  • Integration of radio frequency based TPMS and GPS into one 4.3" dashboard screen featuring 2 GB of internal device memory and Micro SD slot for memory expansion
  • Real-time tire pressure and temperature monitoring system alerting the driver with both visual and audible alerts if one or more tire's pressure level falls 25% below recommended pressure or if temperature exceeds the preset standard 176°F
  • Patented Orange Electronic adjustable TPMS valve/sensor design allows for compatibility on many wheel sizes
  • Integrated PolNav GPS system preloaded with United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Bahamas and the Cayman Islands allow you to take to the road anywhere with confidence (foreign maps also available)
  • One touch point of interest driving with voice guided turn-by-turn directions announcing street names

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