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Painless Convenience Modules

Painless Performance Products
Painless Convenience Modules

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Bring Your Classic Car or Truck into the 21st Century!

The Painless Convenience Module has dome light delay with dimmimg, radio (or other accessory) delay, headlight delay, automatic headlight sensor, and headlight and turn signal alerts.

  • Dome Light Delay & Dimming This feature delays the dome light from turning off for 20 seconds after a door is closed or until the ignition is turned on. Once the dome light is commanded to turn off, it slowly dims over a 5 second period and then goes out. The dimming (also known as "theater lighting") creates a slower progression from light to dark.

  • Radio/Accessory Delay After the ignition is turned off, even with the key removed from the ignition switch, the radio or accessory side of the fuse block will remain powered for 15 minutes or until a door is opened.

  • Headlight Delay This keeps headlights turned on for 15 seconds after the ignition has been turned off. It helps illuminate dark parking places as the driver exits the vehicle for safety. Headlight Delay only engages if the headlights were on before the ignition was turned off.

  • Automatic Headlights Using the built-in light sensor, this feature automatically turns headlights on and off according to the light conditions the sensor reads. The sensor reads low light levels for 10 seconds before activating headlights. When headlights are on, the sensor must "see" bright enough light levels for 5 minutes before headlights are turned back off.

  • Headlight Chime The kit's chime will sound if the headlights or parking lights are left in the on position and a door is open. This will prevent trying to start your vehicle only to find a dead battery because the headlight switch was left on.

  • Turn Signal Alert This alert will sound if the turn signal has been left on for 90 seconds.

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    Painless Convenience Module
  • Dome Light Delay and Dimming
  • Radio/Accessory Delay
  • Headlight Delay
  • Headlight Chime
  • Automatic Headlights
  • Turn Signal Alert
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